Nintendo Switch 2: everything we know about the long-rumored Switch successor

It’s official: a successor to the Nintendo Switch will be announced “within the fiscal year” according to Nintendo, which means before 31 March 2025. The wait is on now that we have that announcement window, though there is still very little concrete information about the console itself.

The last hardware refresh that the Nintendo Switch received was with the launch of the Nintendo Switch OLED on October 8, 2021. Although the Nintendo Switch OLED boasts an enhanced OLED display, not to mention additional internal storage and improved speakers, there were no substantial upgrades to the power of the machine itself. This is a little problematic as, while the majority of the best Nintendo Switch games manage to run smoothly enough, the Nintendo Switch is powered by a modest Nvidia Tegra X1 chip and just 4GB of RAM.

Recent third-party releases like Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Biomutant have really started to push this hardware to its absolute limits, with unstable frame rates and greatly compromised visuals. Even in ideal situations, however, the console can only play games in up to 720p in handheld mode, while that number increases to just to 1080p when in docked mode. Now that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X have been on the market for a few years, both consoles that can play games at a smooth 60 fps and high-fidelity 4K resolution, it makes a lot of sense for Nintendo to take things back to the drawing board and improve the hardware under the hood to better keep up with the competition.

But what could be in store for Nintendo fans? Here are all the latest rumors, plus plenty of considered speculation, about the Nintendo Switch 2.

Nintendo Switch 2: cut to the chase

  • What is it? The successor to the Nintendo Switch console
  • How much will it cost? TBA
  • When will it release? TBA, but an announcement has been confirmed for before the end of next year

Nintendo Switch 2: release date speculation

Nintendo Switch Lite Grey

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Although the Nintendo Switch 2 has yet to be officially announced, Nintendo has confirmed that the announcement is coming within the fiscal year – which means before 31 March 2025. Based on the reveal and release of the original Nintendo Switch, it seems safe to assume that it will then release later that same year. This lines up with previous reports from the Japanese media outlet Nikkei that suggest that the console is set to release in 2025.

Nintendo Switch Pro: price speculation

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The Nintendo Switch launched for $259.99 / £259.99 / AUD$435, with the newer Nintendo Switch OLED then available for $349.99 / £309.99 / AU$539.95. Given that the Nintendo Switch 2 will likely feature improved hardware compared to both models, the asking price is very likely to come in higher than these figures. 

For some additional perspective, the PS5 and Xbox Series X sell for $499.99 / £479.99 / AU$799.95 and $499 / £449 / AU$749 respectively. Nintendo often aims to undercut its competition, offering lower spec hardware at a more affordable price. 

With this in mind, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Nintendo Switch 2 is priced around $399.99 / £399.99 / AU$699.95 or even slightly lower to keep the competitive edge. That said, you should bear in mind that this figure is purely an educated guess for the time being.

Nintendo Switch 2: rumored specs

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The most recent rumours regarding potential Nintendo Switch 2 specs come from a spec sheet created by the YouTube content creator Paul Eccleston or “RedGamingTech”. As explained by Tom’s Hardware, Eccleston supposedly made the spec sheet with information from his own sources and a report by the Korean United Daily News. This spec sheet suggests that the Nintendo Switch 2 will feature an eight core Cortex-A78AE processor, 8GB of RAM, and 64GB of internal eMMC storage. While this is not particularly impressive compared to the PS5 or Xbox Series X, it would still represent an improvement in power compared to all of the current Nintendo Switch models.

That same source also indicates that the Nintendo Switch 2 could offer hugely improved battery life, in addition to a 120 Hz refresh rate with a 7-inch OLED display. In terms of overall design, Ecclestone says that it is likely to be similar to that of the Nintendo Switch OLED. 

Interestingly, this contradicts older rumors that suggested we may see a mini-LED display used for the screen. According to a report by Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, a Nintendo Switch successor could sport mini-LED screens supplied by Innolux. 

Going back even further, Wccftech reported that a data miner known as “SciresM” had claimed to have found a reference to a new Nintendo Switch model within the Nintendo Switch’s latest firmware update under the codename ‘Aula’. Rather than being within the Nintendo Switch itself, this source argues that the hardware improvement “might be inside a new dock and not inside the tablet”. They do note, however, that “there’s no way to tell from the firmware code yet.”

We’ve also seen some Nintendo Switch Pro rumors thanks to a leaked Nvidia email which suggested the existence of the Tegra239 SoC (system on a chip). Reportedly, this was being designed specifically for an upcoming Nintendo Switch model, which could very well mean the Nintendo Switch 2.

Nintendo Switch Pro: latest news and rumors

Nintendo has a simple plan to thwart Nintendo Switch 2 resellers

Speaking at a Q&A during the company’s 84th annual shareholder meeting, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa discussed some plans to combat potential Nintendo Switch 2 resellers. He said that “as a countermeasure for resale, we believe that it is most important to produce a sufficient number to meet customer demand.” Put simply, the idea is that if Nintendo manufactures enough Nintendo Switch 2 units, customers won’t ever feel the need to purchase from resellers at a marked up price.

We will have to wait and see whether this strategy is effective, but this should still offer some reassurance to those who are worried about having to hunt down limited stock around the launch period.

A Nintendo Switch successor will be announced “within this fiscal year”

In a post to the official Nintendo X / Twitter corporate account on May 7 2024, the company confirmed that a “successor to the Nintendo Switch” will be announced “within this fiscal year”. As the Japanese fiscal year ends on March 31 2025, we now know for sure that we will getting an official announcement before that date.

Nintendo Switch 2 reportedly delayed until 2025

As spotted by Tom’s Guide, known leaker “Moore’s Law is Dead” joined the many sources saying that the Nintendo Switch 2 had been delayed until at least 2025. Interestingly, they provided some additional insight that was supposedly gleaned  through their NVIDIA contacts. According to this leaker, the physical hardware powering the Nintendo Switch 2 has been ready for some time but Nintendo has been holding off on revealing the system in order to ensure adequate stock at launch – which lines up with other reports.

Nintendo president denies Nintendo Switch 2 developer briefings

Following our report that Nintendo Switch 2 tech demos took place at Gamescom 2023, which was confirmed by our own sources, Nintendo company president Shuntaro Furukawa denied that any such briefings took place. Speaking to the Japanese newspaper Mainichi, Furukawa described the briefings as “rumours” that “are inaccurate.”

Nintendo has briefed Activision on a Nintendo Switch successor

In September 2023 an internal email that was unearthed as part of the now resolved FTC lawsuit over Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard Acquisition revealed that Activision executives had been briefed about the existence of the “NG Switch” – a potential Switch successor. The email suggests that the Nintendo Switch 2 could offer performance that is roughly on par with a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, which would definitely make sense if it maintained the handheld form factor of its predecessor. 

A Nintendo executive hinted at backwards compatibility

Going back even further, a Nintendo executive hinted at the possibility that the Nintendo Switch 2 could be backwards compatible in June 2023. Speaking in a shareholder Q&A session that was translated from Japanese, the executive stated that “[Nintendo] will do our best to make the transition smooth for our customers” when new hardware arrives.

Nintendo Switch 2: FAQs

Is the Nintendo Switch 2 coming soon?

We now know that a successor to the Nintendo Switch will be officially unveiled “within the fiscal year”.  Although this doesn’t necessarily mean that the Nintendo Switch 2 is coming soon, it confirms that more concrete information will be on the way in the coming months.

Could the Nintendo Switch 2 have VR support?

While Nintendo has experimented with virtual reality (VR) functionality through Nintendo Labo, delivering a true VR in the vein of Sony’s PSVR 2 would demand some pretty beefy hardware. It’s not totally impossible, but it seems unlikely that Nintendo would be able to put out a handheld gaming system with console-quality graphics that also supports VR play. 

Could the Nintendo Switch 2 support 4K?

While Sony and Microsoft continue to expand into the 4K market, there isn’t really any big reason for Nintendo to follow suit. In an interview, Nintendo France General Manager Philippe Lavoué brushed off 4K saying that the technology has “not been adopted by the majority” and it would, therefore, be too early for Nintendo to jump on board.


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